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'My wife had an uncle who could never walk down the nave of an abbey without wondering whether it would take spin...'

I Zingari Cricketer
Lord Home of the Hirsel,Governor IZ,
4th wicket down
Welcome to I Zingari
Welcome to the I Zingari website. IZ is one of the world’s oldest cricket clubs, founded in 1845 as an exclusively amateur wandering side intent on spreading the game far and wide. An extensive fixture card allows members the opportunity to play cricket at some of the most renowned and picturesque grounds on these islands, and regular overseas tours provide further possibilities to enjoy cricket in all of its wonderful variety throughout the world.

This website is designed primarily for the members of I Zingari, but the Home and History pages are accessible to all that might like to know more about the club. For the members, it is hoped that this will serve to elucidate cricketing past, present and future: as a useful tool with which to organise your cricket for the summer ahead, as a convenient means of contacting other members, the match managers and Officers of IZ and as an accessible archive of your own cricketing exploits. We hope that it proves useful.

History of I Zingari

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